Are you tired of missing out on the latest issue of your favorite comic?

The Richmond Comix subscription service is pretty simple. Give us a list of the books you want every month and we will set them aside for you. Come in at least once a month and pick up your books and we are all good!

As long as you have at least 5 monthly titles we have a point based discount program. For every dollar you spend you will earn a point. At 50 points you get $5 in store credit. You can use the credit each time you acquire it or you can save it up and buy something bigger later!

We have two ways for you to get your books!

For in store pick up:___
You agree to purchase books that you order within 6 weeks of arrival. You understand that after 6 weeks your box will be placed on hold and no new merchandise will be added. After 8 weeks the box will be canceled and all merchandise will be available for sale to the public. If you are unable to clear out your box but contact us and we are able to work out a plan we will hold the merchandise and/or continue your monthly pulls but during this period outside the 6 weeks no store credit can be accrued or used. This also includes items more than 6 weeks old in your box even if you are coming in every week and picking up some of your books.

For mail order delivery:___
You agree to leave a credit card number on file at Richmond Comix. Richmond Comix will ship your subscriptions to you based on your preference of every Wednesday, every other Wednesday, or monthly the week the Previews catalog comes out. You will be charged shipping when the order is run through. We will charge your card the day the product ships.

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