Weekly update 3/27/2020

Hello RCX Family!

Sorry about the lack of email yesterday. Phillip came in and opened and I came in late like some kind of slacker so I figured I would send this out today. I hope everyone is safe and healthy and doing all the things the CDC has laid out for us. We are weathering the storm pretty well. Keeping it under 10 people in the shop has been pretty easy. I saw THREE people yesterday (Phillip saw one) so we are able to keep that minimum safe distance pretty well.

I just wanted to drop a reminder that we are doing everything we can to keep Richmond Comix as safe as possible. I also wanted to remind everyone that we will not have any new releases for the foreseeable future. That’s not to say we won’t have “new” comics though! I am currently going through the hundreds of boxes of comics we have in storage. I am going to move through them as quickly as possible so we have SOMETHING to talk about besides pandemics and washing our hands.

Keep an eye out Sunday at noon for Phillip and Jaclyn on Facebook live.

We are also doing a Facebook live sale every Tuesday at 7pm. Last week was a lot of fun and we hope to see you in the chat next week!

Be safe!