Free Comic Book Day 5/4/2019

Free Comic Book day is finally here again! This year we have the most vendors and artists we’ve ever had! We will have local craftspeople out on the sidewalk with a bevy of handmade collectables for your home from J&K Pixel Art, Comic Decor, Geeky Pierre and more!

We will also have dollar books out on the sidewalk!


James Saunders III!

Mary Terrani!

The 501st Legion will be on hand!

And of course we are having a sale! Here are the details!

  • Trade Paperbacks and Hardcovers 50% off
  • Back issues under $200 50% off
  • Recent back issues from 2009 through 2018 $4.99 and under are just $1 (blue tabs)
  • There will be a 75% off rack of Magic, Pokemon, Heroclix and other games and gaming supplies near the front of the store.
  • We will have tables of $1 books out on the sidewalk.
  • Everything else will be 25% off.