To our friends and customers,

Thirty one years is a long time to keep a small business running especially in the uncertain industry we love so much. Over the years we have tried to be quick to react to changing markets and an ever evolving customer base. Phillip and I started having conversations about the sustainability of various categories about three years ago. Over the last 18 months the data has shown what we speculated, gaming is not growing for us anymore. In fact it has been shrinking steadily for years.

Before I get into that I want to assure our player base that you have not been abandoned. I’ve had conversations with Will Buckley at Battlegrounds to ensure that every player will have a place to play. Some of the people affected by this change are literally my family so please know this was not a decision we came to lightly. Our last gaming weekend will be April 27 and 28. Saturday we will have Heroclix and a Magic prerelease. Sunday will be Pokemon league and a Pokemon prerelease. We will miss all three of these communities. I have built lifelong friendships because of each of these games.

For quite some time now we have been more and more excited about the choices for younger readers. Our personal thoughts and observations were echoed with every book store owner we talked to, comic or otherwise. We will be bringing in a lot more graphic novels aimed at younger readers, not just kids but young adults as well. We are all big fans of the young adult genre whether in comics or prose and can’t wait to share that with our community! Along with that we will be expanding our manga and prose sections along with comic supplies. We want to be the neighborhood book store where families gather.

That brings me to another announcement. Saturday March 23 is Hellboy Day which celebrates the 25th anniversary of Mike Mignola’s beloved character. We have decided to have a one time only “Hell Of A Sale!” What does that mean?

Back issues 25% off
Trade paperbacks and hardcovers 25% off
All gaming 50% off (this includes supplies)
We will have some “for the next hour” sales happening in the store all day.

Starting May first we will have a significant change in our store hours.

Monday/Tuesday 11-7
Wednesday 11-9
Thursday/Friday/Saturday 11-7
Sunday 12-6

This will allow us to offer new events like book clubs, dramatic readings, trivia and movie nights, and hopefully a regularly scheduled drink and draw. We are very excited about the future of Richmond Comix and hope you will all enjoy the change we will be making.

Tommy Donovan